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"I challenge you to live your purpose on purpose."



White Walls

Troy, is a captivating author, minister, speaker, political activist, mentor and trainer that specializes in shifting mindsets from mediocrity to greatness. He is a 2017 Graduate of Liberty University where he obtained a Bachelor degree in Religion minoring in Christian Counseling. Because of his strong belief in education, Troy also obtained his Diversity & Inclusion certification from Cornell University, additionally completing his John Maxwell certification rendering him a John Maxwell Certified team member. Troy is an expert at providing interactive, engaging tools for schools and organizations that have resulted in changed behavior, greater self –confidence and awareness, and most importantly, an increased graduation rate among male students.




In 2015 Troy wrote and published his 1st book,

“ ​I Want it All ! Practical Principles to living your best life now”​ where he shares how he overcame obstacles and challenges.



Troy has spoken extensively to various schools and organizations across the Southeastern Region of the United Statesand abroad traveling to Haiti on several occasions to serve there as well and because of his relentless passion to serve he’s been awarded with several awards through the years for his consistent dedication to the community for making the world a better place.

Past and Current Partners

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